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Conflict Management

Leadership frequently underestimates the value of conflict and its importance to the growth of their organizations and people. Organizational conflicts are comprised of two elements: content and relationships. While conflicts around content are generally specific, relationships are about more complex emotions.

Competition to do more with less invariably involves content issues of differing priorities, incentives and ways of doing things. Rather than being a negative, clashes between parties are actually crucibles in which creative alternatives are developed and wise solutions are generated for the good of the organization.

Embracing conflict is a necessary precursor to truly effective relationship development and collaboration. At CRGI we help companies to extract the value that lies latent in their inter-organizational differences. We help build skills to facilitating conflict that transforms a major liability into a significant asset and strength. Developing collaboration skills delivers tremendous benefits. The value received from successful conflict management through CRGI includes:

  • Strategies for engaging disagreements at the point of conflict
  • Strategies for deescalating disagreements that often create dysfunction
  • Building individual and organizational trust
  • Enhancing probing and decision making skills
  • Surfacing emotions and needs
  • Moving beyond the status quo

What our clients are saying

  • “Forced us to think about the purpose of our team and how we need to support each other to accomplish our goals.”

    - Esther Dabney
  • “Partnering with the CRG is always a rewarding experience and we always learn something new.”

    - Joe Famiglietti
  • “Exceptional skills in motivating change.”

    - Michael Banov, MD
  • “Your early identification of our key challenges was very accurate and allowed us to make informed decisions that significantly improved our operational performance.”

    - Mark Wilhelm
  • “I want to express my appreciation in coaching me and my team to develop a roadmap to achieve operational excellence and grow our leadership capabilities.”

    - Bob Daniels
  • “Ability to target specific goals of an organization and deliver strategies to enhance human performance.”

    – Vanessa Lowry
  • “Transforms people and excites them about making changes…action plan of how to achieve success.”

    - Sabrina Beck
  • “Helped us better strategize efforts by zooming in on "quick hits" and developing an integrated plan that helped shape company's focus.”

    - Angela Thomas
  • “Has a deep understanding of the business problems facing companies today, and a track record on how to organize and execute an effective solutions.”

    - Radhika Subramanian
  • “Demonstrates a unique ability to distil problems down to their essential elements and visualize solutions that have eluded others”

    - Sean McGinty
  • “Excellent analysis on our company! Went right to the core of our issue and came back with an excellent agenda for us to reach our objectives”

    - Les Seibert
  • “Uniquely balances vision with results, leading organizations to not only map out a future course, but to also plan the specific tasks required to achieve that course.”

    - Ellen Lee
  • “Quickly assessed our business and formulated an improvement plan. Their approach focused on achievable gains with specific target dates and responsibilities and resulted in significantly improved bottom line performance for our company.”

    - John H. Sohl III
  • “Helped us to rise “above the trees” where you can look down and see problems with greater objectivity, clarity and understanding.”

    - Wendy R. Gordon

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